How to Get the Most Out of Tretinoin

As with most skincare products, there are instructions on how to use them correctly to see optimal results. With topical retinoids for acne, patients should always apply it to their skin before bed instead of during the day. Also, it is important that patients never mix their tretinoin with products that contain glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Lastly, patients should wait at least 15-30 minutes after washing their face to apply the tretinoin.

During the first few weeks of using tretinoin, acne may appear worse as the medication works on pimples from the inside out. Patients should start to notice results eight to 12 weeks after starting tretinoin use. It is important to use this medication on a regular basis to see results.

tretinoin before and after

Important Things to Know About Tretinoin

When using tretinoin, patients should be aware of the following to fully benefit from the medication. If you are interested in a skincare procedure such as a chemical peel, laser light treatment, or microdermabrasion, it is important to inform your doctor that you are using tretinoin, as they may ask you to discontinue use before your treatment.

Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not use tretinoin, as it could harm the child. Lastly, using tretinoin may cause sensitivity to the sun, so sunscreen must be worn anytime a patient spends time outside.